Safety First

As we make plans to return from this unprecedented intermission, we recognize that each Eagle Theater site is at a different stage of the process. Our values are to protect the health of our staff, our customers, and to provide a safe option for enjoying movies on the big screen no matter when or how exactly that happens. We have been working diligently to establish protocols to keep our community safe and give you peace of mind.  

Our priority is SAFETY FIRST, implementing a holistic approach to public health throughout your movie experience. This includes updated social distancing, temporary changes to self-serve concessions, auditorium configuration, movie scheduling and a comprehensive sanitation program. We are confident that our team will provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the community. Remember: a big screen does not have to mean a big crowd.

We look forward to seeing you at the movies!


Here is what to expect across the board at all Eagle Theater sites. Below are the standard procedures of how we will put SAFETY FIRST throughout the reopening process. We ask that anyone, team member or guest, remain at home if they experience signs of sickness or have been in close contact with anyone experiencing symptoms. Our team members will wear required protective equipment and adhere to safety standards at all times, as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities.

WASH YOUR HANDS: All team members will be required to frequently and thoroughly wash their hands. Hands must be washed at least once per hour and between each glove change. We also advise all of our guests to properly wash their hands and avoid touching their face or unnecessary surfaces. 

SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING: All team members and guests must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities. We will require six (6) feet between groups and will provide markings in our lobby area to indicate a safe distance while waiting in line. 

FACE COVERINGS: Our employees will wear face masks. We recommend that customers wear masks at all times, except while seated with their own group to watch the movie. If social distancing cannot be maintained, we reserve the right to make masks mandatory. 

CHANGES TO SELF-SERVE CONCESSIONS: Protocols for concessions and fountain drinks may vary depending upon location and be adjusted over time. Concession items, including popcorn, butter, salt, chili and cheese, will be handled by staff only to promote social distancing and enhanced sanitation measures. In order to reduce points of contact and maintain the safest possible environment, team members have been trained in proper food-handling protocols. 

AUDITORIUM CONFIGURATION: Illinois and Missouri have different protocols, but both states will require that all auditoriums will have limited capacity to minimize contact and allow for social distancing. Seating will be in a checkerboard pattern, with three (3) seats between groups. A team member will be available at the auditorium entrance to assist guests in finding their assigned seats. We ask that guests respect others and maintain a healthy social distance.  

MOVIE SCHEDULING AND REDUCED CAPACITY: Guests are encouraged to purchase tickets and reserve seating on our website to support social distancing protocols. Showtimes will be scheduled to minimize congestion before and after the movie. A staggered schedule will also allow time for thorough cleaning between each showing. At our Illinois movie theaters, we are considering a temporary, more restrictive policy to reopen. Please check our Facebook pages for continued updates.

SANITATION MEASURES: We have redesigned our work processes to incorporate a comprehensive sanitation program. We will disinfect high-contact surfaces, such as door handles, counter tops, faucets, railings, with a medical-grade sanitizing agent at minimum 3-5 times a day and at the close of business. We will mop or steam heavy traffic common areas daily and utilize ozone disinfecting for our auditoriums twice per week. We disinfect all common surfaces, such as seats and cupholders, following each showing.



Let us do the work and worry about the details, so you can back to enjoying the big screen. We understand that each individual has a unique situation and must make their own decision regarding the economic reopening. Our priority is SAFETY FIRST, so we will continue to review local, state and federal guidelines and will make changes as needed. This may mean adding extra restrictions or relaxing others, specific to each individual theater. We will keep the community updated via our website and social media pages – follow us for the latest news and highlights. As always, we are here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions.