Why Eagle Theaters?

Here are the top ten reasons to see a movie at your local Eagle Theater!


1) We are the opposite of a corporate, big box theater chain

We own three theaters in Illinois. We have AMC right where we want them… We don’t have a corporate campus, but a converted party room two desks, a fancy copy machine, and a door open to the concession area of our Robinson theater. We are the guys who donate to the soccer league, hold fundraisers for about everything, and who are always looking for a way to make things more fun. We take you seriously; we don’t take ourselves seriously. Best of all, we care passionately about the small Illinois towns of Streator, Clinton, and Robinson. It isn’t easy bringing multiplexes to small towns - but it is what we do.

2) Our rewards program will knock your socks off

Our rewards program and the way we stay in touch with you is pretty special. We partner with Fivestars, and we’ve designed a rewards program that gets you to an award rapidly. Your cell phone number is your account number, and we send you a text now and then to offer you something. Your email address lets us stay in touch with a weekly showtime newsletter and an occasional announcement. Tell us your birthday, and we will send a present. Our reward levels include popcorn, drinks, and free tickets. Click here to learn more.

3) Every Monday, you earn double Rewards points

If you want to be a savvy Eaglet and maximize your rewards, come see a movie on Monday. We double the points you receive for our Fivestars reward program. Shazam! The points add up fast and you don’t have to clip a coupon or like a Facebook post to get this. Just show up and give us your cell phone number so we make sure you get your points.  Click here to learn more

4) On Tuesday, you can get a ticket, a medium drink, and a medium popcorn for as low as $12.50

This. Is. Our. Best. Deal. It is available to our Fivestars rewards members. (If you are a curmudgeon and don’t want to be in our Rewards program, we charge $14.00 on Tuesday.) And yes, if you just hate, hate, hate popcorn and drink, you can buy a ticket only for a reduced price.

5) Age has its privileges every Wednesday

If you are of a certain age (65 or older), we have a special price for you every Wednesday. Seniors pay $6.00 for a ticket for every movie.

6) Our annual bucket is like a popcorn loyalty program!

We know that movie theater concession prices sometimes seem like you are donating an arm and a leg just to get some good popcorn. Well, we aren’t that bad, and usually we just charge a forearm, but we have an even better way to save at the movies. Buy an annual popcorn bucket for $22. We will fill it up for you, and every time you come in after that through December 31, 2022, we will fill it up for $3.50. See three or four movies a year, and you are being rewarded for your good sense and excellent taste. Click here to get yours today.

7) How does the idea of FREE popcorn strike you?

Every Thursday, we give away free popcorn. And our free popcorn has free refills, so it is like Free Squared™. Every theater has a little different way of handling this (we aren’t big on corporate rules). In Clinton, bring a container and we will fill it up. In Robinson, bring a container, but if you forget it, we have a bag for you, courtesy of First National Bank of Olney. In Streator, we will fill one of our bags for you. PLEASE NOTE: Free popcorn Thursday does NOT apply to movie premieres and certain holidays.

8) Pick your seat—either ahead of time or at the theater

We are on a mission to make ticket buying easy. You can pick your seat at all of our theaters, and we’ve partnered with Fandango and Atom Tickets to give you an easy way to buy tickets. Of course, you’ve landed on OUR website, and we’ve made ticket buying the absolute easiest. We recommend buying your ticket and choosing your ticket ahead of time—it speeds up the concession line and helps make sure you get the seat YOU want. 

9) We are the crazy theater company that offers free refills on ALL sizes of pop and popcorn

We’ve done this from the very first showing on the very first day of our existence (The movie was MIRACLE and premiered on February 6, 2004 in Robinson, Illinois). YOU pour your own drink and get refills on all sizes. Buy a small popcorn and bring it back and we will refill it for free. We don’t charge extra for butter(ish) or Kernel Seasonings salt. We don’t upsell you to a larger size so you get the refill. We DO encourage the larger sizes so you don’t have to get up as often, but if you are willing to walk down the hall with any sized popcorn bag in hand, we will refill it on our dime.

10) We’ve either got luxury seating or we are working on it

Our Streator theater has a mix of rockers and recliners, and we are working on upgrading our recliners to electric. In Robinson, we have new seats—with a mix of rockers, recliners, and sliders (think about recliners without the foot rest). Clinton is slated for a partial upgrade in 2022 or 2023.