Eagle Elite

Loyalty has its rewards.
Do you want to know what makes it possible to have a multiplex in a small Illinois town?
In a world of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and You Tube, it is YOUR  loyalty to YOUR Eagle Theater that makes first run movies here a thing.
We don’t take that loyalty for granted. We have a great FIVESTARS loyalty program that gives you points for you each dollar you spend, but we have THREE ANNUAL PROGRAM options to save you money and earn more rewards.  
  1. Annual Popcorn Bucket--$20 (Price does not include sales tax and small online fee)
Buy this bad boy and you are set to save through December 31, 2019. It is a 170 oz bucket that we will fill for FREE the day you buy it, and each time you come back for another visit, we will fill it for $3.50 for that day. This is a shareable size and pretty much sets you and a friend up for low cost popcorn for a year.
  1. Eagle Elite Rewards--$15 (Price does not include a small online fee)
Join now and be an Eagle Elite member until December 31, 2019. You will get BONUS loyalty points on purchases, concession offers and discounts, exclusive movie offers and events, and much more. When you are Eagle Elite, you are on the inside—the first to know and the best rewarded. (See the benefit chart for complete details.)
  1. Annual Popcorn Bucket + Eagle Elite Rewards--$30 (Price does not include bucket sales tax and small online fee)
If you invest $30 with us upfront, we will see that you are well rewarded and well fed through December 31, 2019. Save $5 when you buy the two loyalty programs together.
Thank you for your support!


Eric Gubelman

Eagle Theaters