Rated R Policy

The bulk of our market is for G, PG and PG-13 movies. Occasionally, we schedule an R-rated movie. 

Anyone under 17 years of age will be required to have a parent or adult guardian present at R-rated movie. 

We are aware that some theater chains are experimenting with less restrictive policies and allowing teens to attend with explicit permission from a parent. We respect their decision, but we disagree. 

Please be aware that the mainstream theater trade organization opposes less restrictive policies as inconsistent with the purpose of the rating system.

You should also be aware that films with an R-rating are generally considered to have more objectionable content than would have been usual for an R-rated movie a decade ago. Audiences have grown a little more accepting of adult content over the years, and some content that might have merited an R-rating a decade ago may be rated PG-13 today. This means that an R-rated film clearly deserves that rating.

Our policy is not just for the protection of our children and teens, but is also a courtesy extended to our adult audience. We believe that allowing un-chaperoned moviegoers 16 and under to attend an R-rated film is a discourtesy to the adult audience.

For all of these reasons, we believe in enforcing the MPAA guidelines. Thank you for your understanding. If you wish your 16 or younger child to attend an R-rated film at Eagle Theater, we invite you to attend with them.

We will continue to monitor the policies of other theaters, and review this policy periodically.