Special Events

At Eagle Theaters, we strive to bring as many faith-based movies as possible to our theater locations. With low print counts, low budgets and lack of expansion, some of these films are difficult to snag on their national release date. We are lucky to have a supportive community when it comes to showing these movies. Faith-based movie events rely on YOU to make them successful. Please help us to create an avenue to spread the word about these events quickly and efficiently. Please click the link to be contacted about faith-based films

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Looking for a fun and simple way to raise funds for your school or non profit organization? It's simple!

1. Help us publicize your group's movie night 
2. Bring in a flyer for the night
3. For everyone who presents a flyer at the register, 20% of that purchase will go to your organization

The first and third Wednesdays of each month are our fundraiser nights. To sign your club, group, or organization up, please click on your theater location to fill out an application.

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